Clarity Grader: Readability Bookmarklet

Instantly analyze any web page using the new Clarity Grader 2.0 – Readability Bookmarklet…

The Clarity Grader – Bookmarklet is a plug in to your browser. It supports either Firefox, Chrome or Safari. You can analyze specific web pages directly from your browser. Even pages in preview mode from your CMS*

*Supports AEM (Adobe Experience Manager).

“Consumers visit websites to complete tasks, complex language is a major barrier. The Clarity Grader Reports provide detailed metrics to improve the clarity of websites.”
Terry Golesworthy
President / The Customer Respect Group


Submit a page for analysis

Once you have the Clarity Grader – Bookmarklet  installed, it’s simple to get started.

  • Navigate to any web page
  • Click ‘Analyze in Clarity Grader’
  • Submit page for analysis.

See the numbered steps in the screen grab to the right.


Instantly view your scores with the Clarity Grader – Bookmarklet

See your results in the Clarity Grader dashboard.

Review your scores for:

  • Passive voice, long sentences and readability
  • Broken Links and Spelling mistakes
  • Consistency of Brand References

Installing the Clarity Grader – Bookmarklet

To install, drag the button below to your browser toolbar. It works in Chrome, Firefox and Safari.
+ Analyze in Clarity Grader

NOTE: Make sure your Clarity Grader – Bookmarklet is visible. In Chrome, access this from “Bookmarks >> Show Bookmarks Bar”. In Firefox, hover above the browser bar, right click your mouse and check “Bookmarks Toolbar”


You can try Clarity Grader’s website content analysis tool now using our 7-day free trial. Just enter any web URL and start scanning.