Clarity Grader: Dashboard

The Clarity Grader dashboard scores your web content for poor quality.

The Clarity Grader – dashboard highlights any complex, difficult to understand language within websites. You can analyze website content in minutes and prioritize poor content for edits.

The result:

  • better, clearer content,
  • increased customer satisfaction and
  • higher online conversion rates.
“Consumers visit websites to complete tasks, complex language is a major barrier. The Clarity Grader Reports provide detailed metrics to improve the clarity of websites.”
Terry Golesworthy
President / The Customer Respect Group


Measure Client Website Clarity

Clarity Grader – dashboard analyzes websites for clarity and consistency. We provide detailed reports highlighting wordy, complex and risky language, eliminating hours of manual effort.

Transparency metrics include; readability, passive language density and long sentence density. These are some of the critical measures satisfying clear writing mandates.


Benchmark your site

With our Clarity Grader – dashboard instantly compare peer websites side by side for readability, passive language and related metrics. You simply point at a website URL.

The Clarity Grader – dashboard provides comparisons that allow you to benchmark content against ‘best practice’. Reviewers get immediate visibility into the highest risk content in minutes. Clear actionable guidance is provided to rectify deficiencies.


Make sure visitors find the content they need with the Clarity Grader – dashboard

You can search for any terms or phrases across websites for consistent usage.

For example:

  • for Higher Ed you might check specific course names are consistently mentioned,
  • in Financial Services, you might check that current rates are consistent across affiliate sites
  • in an insurance scenario, you might search for ‘customer’, ‘member’ and ‘client’. You may find these used inconsistently,

Marketing teams can define dictionaries that ensure a consistent brand message, and dramatically cut manual review cycles.

You can try Clarity Grader’s website content analysis tool now using our 7-day free trial. Just enter any web URL and start scanning.