Corporate & Government

Clarity Grader’s Corporate & Government website content analysis solution delivers a clarity benchmark for your web content

If you are an executive concerned with customer satisfaction and transparency, Clarity Grader’s corporate & government website content analysis solution shows you how you rate against your peers. It provides tailored, actionable recommendations to improve transparency for your site content.

The result is customers who can complete more tasks online, better usability and higher conversion rates.

Standard reporting within our corporate & government website content analysis solution compares your site against other sites. You select the sites to rate, we’ll give you a full detailed report showing where you rank in terms of clear and transparent content. You will also receive detailed breakdown of areas requiring improvement.

“Consumers visit websites to complete tasks, complex language is a major barrier. The Clarity Grader Reports provide detailed metrics to improve the clarity of websites.”
Terry Golesworthy
President / The Customer Respect Group


Benchmark Index against peers

We scan your site and compare it with 10 other sites of your choosing. We rank all sites and position you in an index.

We rank web sites on four criteria:

  • Readability – How readable is the content
  • Passive Language – active language communicates clearly. What percent of sentences are passive?
  • Long Sentences – what percent of all sentences are considered too long?
  • Word Complexity Density – complex words make Web pages hard to understand.

Collectively, these metrics tell us how clear or complex your website content is.


Specific actions and recommendations

Based on our analysis, we outline the top 5 key actions that will drive transparency.

We detail specific areas of the site that are complex. We give clear guidance on which areas of your site are hardest to understand.

For yearly subscription customers, we will track your site against peer sites on a periodic basis, providing trend analysis and update reports.

Comparisons allow you benchmark content against ‘best practice’. Reviewers get immediate visibility into the highest risk content in minutes. Clear actionable guidance is provided to rectify deficiencies.


You can try Clarity Grader’s website content analysis tool now using our 7-day free trial. Just enter any web URL and start scanning.