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“I’d highly recommend the Clarity Grader tool to all Web Managers and Content Management Professionals. We have used it on our responsive website transformation project and it acts as our ultimate content benchmarking, clarity & readability checking tool.”
Gareth Evans
Senior Web Manager / Newcastle University - UK
“In addition to providing a useful analysis of the general clarity of specific pages, Clarity Grader’s ability to run full website scans allows it to pinpoint the worst content.”
Annetta Cheek
Chairperson / Center for Plain Language

About VisibleThread

Clarity Grader from VisibleThread flags complex & inconsistent web content.

Our tool flags complex and inconsistent language across websites. This eliminates tedious manual review cycles, saving marketing teams time and helping brand consistency.

  • Scan docs and websites in minutes.
  • Identify risky and complex language with objective metrics.
  • Benchmark web sites against sector peers.

For Marketing, Governance and Publishing teams, our solutions increase customer engagement and conversion rates and make reviews 40% more efficient. Click to see how it can help Marketing, Governance and Publishing teams.