About Clarity Grader

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Clarity Grader was created by the people behind VisibleThread.

Our original motivation was 20 years of pain reviewing large documents. You know the thing, 150 page MS Word or PDF docs. So we created a way to scan document content for ‘clarity’. This cut out a lot of manual legwork. This was VisibleThread.

We created Clarity Grader with the same goal in mind, but as a leading website content analysis company. We wanted to pinpoint the weakest content really quickly. Complex language damages your online message and kills brand trust for your customers. But, who has time to trawl through a gazillion pages on sites and micro sites?

Enter Clarity Grader, for website content optimization

Given the sheer volume of web copy across sites, making sure your brand message is clear and consistent is really hard. It is a highly manual process, time-consuming and costly.

Since manual reviews are painful and costly, they are often skipped. Yet difficult language damages your brand value and you compromise your ability to convert online leads.

Clarity Grader a leading website content analysis company helps:

  • Make sure you communicate your product message clearly.
  • Ensure that your message is consistent.
  • Easily manage your message across sites and micro-sites.
  • Slice through loads of content really quickly.
“Consumers visit websites to complete tasks, complex language is a major barrier. The Clarity Grader Reports provide detailed metrics to improve the clarity of websites.”
Terry Golesworthy
President / The Customer Respect Group

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